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Inspired By The Latest Filorga Medical Innovations, This Serum Combines Two Formulas (Zero Wrinkle Concentrate + Intense Lifting Gel) To Visibly Reduce All Types Of Wrinkles.

Apply daily, in the morning andor at night, before your daynight cream.

Deep set wrinkles - Filler-like correction:
A trio of hyaluronic acid-based active ingredients visibly fills deep wrinkles and plumps the skin.

Tiredness wrinkles - Mesotherapy-like correction:
A duo of matrikines combined with NCTF tones the skin tissue and smoothes out lines.

Contraction wrinkles - Botox-like correction:
A tripeptide-hexapeptide duo modulates neurotransmission to relax the face without freezing facial expression.

Surface wrinkles - Peeling-like correction:
Gluconolactone combined with an exfoliating active ingredient resurfaces the skin and visibly fades fine lines.