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This Multi-Action Product Restores The Skin's Uniformity At 360ø To Reveal A Luminous And Pure Complexion.

Apply as a daily skincare product in the morning andor evening over the entire face, and particularly on the dark spots. For an intensive regimen, use PIGMENT-WHITE after the PIGMENT-PERFECT serum for at least 12 weeks. For all skin types.

Dark spot correction3 (immediate + powerful + long-lasting):
Minerals act to immediately attenuate dark spots, while hexylresorcinol, a powerful brightener, corrects them deep down and an antioxidant polyphenol acts to prevent them from reappearing.

Colour-control uniformity3 (anti-yellow + anti-grey + anti-red):
An anti-glycation peptide acts to remove yellow from the complexion while exfoliating gluconolactone removes grey and vitamin B3 reduces redness thanks to its calming effect.

Light revealer3 (smoothing + hydrating + revitalising):
Smoothing vitamin C in combination with hydrating polysaccharide and revitalising NCTF reveals the skin's natural rightness