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Tanned - Protected - Sublimated!
A Tanning Magnified In All Safety: The Filorga Innovation.
Global anti-ageing protection [photo-active technology: combined with UV filters, a powerful antioxidant, active under the sun's rays, puts the skin under high protection and acts against the signs of skin ageing.

  • Firming nutrition [duo of oils + hyaluronic acid: an anti-ageing cocktail combined with hyaluronic acid envelops the skin to nourish, hydrate and tone it intensely.

  • Sublimated tanning [tan-stimulator complex: a melanin booster accelerates natural tanning for a tanned and sublimated complexion. Without DHA self-tanner.

Apply the product evenly and in sufficient quantity on the body before sun exposure and renew frequently, especially after bathing or wiping.
Even when well protected, avoid sun exposure during maximum hours of sunshine. Abuse of the sun is dangerous.