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A Nomad Ice Effect Treatment For Immediate Deficient Correction And Reinforced Day By Day.

Express relief action - Fresh-Minute Technology combines [plumping hyaluronic acid + invigorating marine extract + invisible micro-powders] to intensely hydrate the skin, refresh the look and restore radiance to the eye area.

Reinforced restorative action - Melatonin-Eyes, a latest-generation revitalizing peptide facilitates skin recovery to fight day after day the signs of fatigue linked to lack of sleep.

Flash hydra-refreshing texture. Invisible finish. Suitable for sensitive eyes.

Apply Optim-Eyes Refresh the eye area, from the inner corner to the outer corner, on the lower eyelid then the upper one. Can be used in the morning after daily care and / or in touch-ups at any time of the day. Can be placed in the refrigerator for a reinforced cryo-smoothing effect