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Express Perfection Action [mat & blur technology]:
- A breathable texture that combines mineral sebo-sensors for a matte flash effect, combined with optical bloomers for an immediate smoothing of pores and skin texture

Durable multi-correction [pores + mattness + imperfections]:
- A combination of 4 active ingredients [bio-ferment astringent + sebo-reducing plant + soothing niacin-amide + collagen booster] to permanently reduce pores, excess sebum, diffuse redness and rebel imperfections

The +:
- Urban protection [impurities + pollution] for a clean skin throughout the day
- Transparent texture, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, oil free

- Apply after daily care on the entire face or on the areas concerned
- Excellent makeup base
- Can also be used in editing during the day for a flash beauty