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An ultra-regenerating night mask containing inspired assets of aesthetic medicine for a visibly more young skin at awakening.

Intensive renovation of skin quality [activated regeneration]
An NCEF formula, a unique polyrevitalisant complex developed by FILORGA Laboratories with 50 ingredients integrated for the first time in concentrations comparable to those used in meso-injection.

Night clinic recovery [wrinkle + closed + radiant]
The Melatonin'CX, a powerful skin softener, acts during the night for relaxed features while a booster [hyaluronic acid + collagen] plumps the skin.
In parallel, a natural detoxifier releases the skin from oxidative stress and pollutants to reveal a radiant complexion on waking.

A quick-penetrating mask that is used as a night cream - Radical effect

Apply the evening in a thin layer on the face, the eye contour and the neck perfectly cleansed.
The product is absorbed in a few minutes. Let act all night to get all its benefits.
Can be used alternately, every other day, or continuously depending on the needs of your skin.