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A Filorga Medical Aesthetic Expert In Cream To Reduce Visible All Types Of Wrinkles Night After Night.

Contraction Wrinkles - A Hexapeptide To Unravel Traits Without Freezing Expressions.

Deep Wrinkles - A Powerful Collagen Booster Combined With Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid To Visibly Plump Marked Wrinkles.

Surface Wrinkles - Exfoliating Gluconolactone Combined With An Active Peeling Effect To Smooth Micro-Skin Breaks.

Dehydration Wrinkles - A Plant Extract Water Sensor To Permanently Reduce Dehydration Wrinkles.

Strengthening Night Action, The Express-Recover Night-Cleansing Complex Combines An Elastin Booster With A Skin Detoxifier For Creased Strokes And A Cooler, Brighter Complexion When You Wake Up.

Creamy Gel-Cream Texture 50ml