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The lift-designer ultra-lifting serum has an immediate lifting effect. Along with the NCTF, this care has a double tensile action:
- Biological, by action of arabinoxylan and encapsulated microalgae, ingredients of high tensile action;
- Mechanics, provided by a stimulating roller that invigorates the skin tissue at the time of application and provides a lifting effect
- 30ml

This serum has a fluid texture being a suitable care for all types of skin.

How To Use:
- Apply morning and evening before your daily care.
- With the packaging vertically, press the button to take the product to the surface of the roll.
- Apply the product using the roller, and insisting on areas of greater skin flaccidity.
- Finish the application with your fingertips in order to promote penetration of the product across the face.
- After each use, remove the metal roller, wash it under running water and dry with a tissue.