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- Step 1 - Double exfoliation [mechanical + enzymatic] - Apply by circular massages on clean, damp skin. A double peeling complex associating volcanic micro-spheres and resurfacing papain gently exfoliates the skin to rid it of impurities and reveal a smoother skin texture.

- Step 2 - Skin detoxification [immediate + lasting] - Let stand 2/3 minutes. Detoxifying polyphenols and activated carbon act to free the skin from cutaneous stress and reveal a pure and radiant complexion. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. A soothing complex [niacinamide + vitamin E] envelops the skin with an imperceptible protective film to fight against daily aggressions.

- Velvety black foam texture with a hydrating and comfortable finish.

- Results: A new skin effect from the first application. The skin texture is refined, the skin smoothed, the complexion is pure and luminous.