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Lack of fullness - Is one of the issues that affect women over 40. Loss of volume - established wrinkles - altered facial forms and a lack of density.

Lack of radiance - is an issue that affects all ages - dull, blurred, grey, and tired complexion. As time passes, it becomes increasingly difficult to restore the face's natural areas of shade. All skin types.

Plasma Lifting Factors - cellular factors + collagen + hyaluronic acid, provide a tensing action to visibly redefine the lines, fill the skin, and reshape the volumes.

Corrects complexion irregularities
Visible lifting effectiveness - smoothed skin + reshaped volumes + plumper skin
Skin is firmer
Instantly enhanced skin - illuminating pearlescent particles
Pink-tinted light texture with an instant healthy glow effect
Universal shade - suits all skin tones
Lifting core formula with active ingredients used in injection