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A 10-day treatment ultra-concentrated in NCEF at a daily dose equivalent to one meso-injection to improve skin quality and correct the signs of ageing - Wrinkle and Firmness and Radiance

Additional benefit: NCEF in a daily dose equivalent to one meso-injection

Intensive skin quality renewal (boosted regeneration)
An ultra-concentrated formula in NCEF, a unique poly revitalising complex developed by Laboratories Filorga with 50 ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, minerals, co-enzymes, antioxidant) incorporated for the first time in a daily dose equivalent to ne meso-injection

Cellular activation (Wrinkle and Firmness and Radiance correction)
A powerful complex derived from biotechnology (proteins and exopolysaccharides) activates cells for boosted correction of the signs of ageing

Who is it for?
All Skin types who are looking for:
- an improvement of the skin quality
- a correction of the signs of ageing (wrinkles, lack of firmness, lack of radiance)
- a boost for their devitalised and tired skin

Beauty tips
To be used during the changing of seasons and during periods of stress of fatigue

Texture and use
Ultra-light texture, high absorption
Apply to the entre face, neck and décolleté morning and night for 10 days before a cream or serum
Take the pipette and draw out the product up to the line
Warm it in the palm of your hands, then apply in fluid flowing motion
Shake well before use
Glass pipette bottle 15ml

What's in the box
1 x Filorga NCEF Shot - Wrinkle, Firmness, Radiance - 15ml